If you want to get in good shape and get fit at home then you need to know that you must exercise regularly everyday!

It usually takes 3-4 weeks of consistent daily workout for you to start seeing changes in the mirror. And here’s where today’s workout comes into play.

This is a 30-day workout challenge you must do everyday to get fit, burn calories, burn fat and simply look better! Good luck and let’s begin the challenge!❤️💪

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00:00 Introduction
00:17 Step Jacks
00:42 Squat And Kick
01:21 Rest
01:39 Squat
02:45 Rest
03:03 Side Lunge Left
04:00 Rest
04:18 Side Lunge Right
05:16 Rest
05:34 Reverse Lunges
06:12 Rest
06:38 Fire Hydrant Left
07:21 Rest
07:39 Fire Hydrant Right
08:22 Rest
08:48 Hip Dips
09:20 Rest
09:38 Kick Back Left
10:21 Rest
10:39 Kick Back Right
11:22 Rest
11:48 Leg Pulls
12:33 Rest
12:51 Push Ups
13:33 Rest
13:51 Plank Press Back
14:44 Rest
15:02 Single Leg Bridge Left
16:01 Rest
16:19 Single Leg Bridge Right
17:18 Rest
17:36 Snow Angels
18:18 Rest
18:36 Swimmers
19:04 Rest
19:30 Woodchoppers Right
20:13 Rest
20:31 Woodchoppers Left
21:14 Rest
21:32 Tricep Dip Kicks
22:15 Rest
22:33 U Boat Crunch
23:08 Rest
23:26 T Plank
24:41 Rest
25:00 Side Crunches Left
25:42 Rest
26:00 Side Crunches Right
26:42 Rest
27:00 Plank Slaps
27:30 Rest
27:48 Reverse Crunch Extension

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