In today’s video workout, I will help you achieve abs and burn belly fat just by doing these standing abs exercises at home!

This is a standing workout challenge which means that you don’t need to lie down or go on all fours. All routines are done standing up and is a combination of ab routines that will efficiently burn belly fat while building muscles in your core as you move, thus making your ab muscles more visible giving you a flatter, leaner tummy in just a few weeks!

Good luck and make sure to warm-up before you begin!❤️💪

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00:00 Introduction
00:13 Body Extensions
00:39 Butt Kicks
01:01 Rest
01:19 Cross Jump Jack
01:44 Rest
02:02 Curtsy Lunge
02:43 Rest
03:01 Fly Squat
03:38 Rest
03:56 Lateral Taps
04:22 Rest
04:40 Lunge Jumps
05:04 Rest
05:22 Push Jumps
05:49 Rest
06:08 Running In Place
06:29 Rest
06:55 Side Deep Squats
07:39 Rest
07:57 Side Lunge Windmill
08:27 Rest
08:45 Slow Mountain Climber
09:15 Rest
09:33 Ski Jacks
10:01 Rest
10:19 Skater Jumps
10:48 Rest
11:06 Ski Jumps
11:35 Rest
11:53 Squat
12:59 Rest
13:17 Slow Star Jumps
13:50 Rest
14:08 Squat Arm Lifts
14:38 Rest
14:56 Split Jumps
15:20 Rest
15:38 Step Jacks
16:05 Rest
16:23 Sumo Squat Dip
16:52 Rest
17:10 Sumo Hold
18:17 Rest
18:35 Squat In Out

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