Today’s workout is designed to burn side and thigh fats in order to achieve your dream to have an hourglass body!

This video exercises consist of challenging routines that will burn your body fat so that you can achieve a slimmer core, reduced side fat, and a well-toned and curvy body! Having a curvy body with a flat stomach and no love handles is the perfect hourglass figure!

Good luck everyone and let’s begin today’s workout to achieve fast results!❤️💪

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00:00 Introduction
00:14 Bird Dog
01:12 Bridge
02:10 Rest
02:28 Fire Hydrant Left
03:06 Rest
03:24 Fire Hydrant Right
04:02 Rest
04:20 Donkey Kicks Left
04:59 Rest
05:17 Donkey Kicks Right
05:55 Rest
06:13 Hip Dips
06:39 Rest
06:57 Kick Back Left
07:32 Rest
07:50 Kick Back Right
08:25 Rest
08:43 Leg Pulls
09:19 Rest
09:37 Plank Press Back
10:20 Rest
10:38 Side Crunches Left
11:12 Rest
11:30 Side Crunches Right
12:04 Rest
12:22 Side Plank Pulse Left
12:53 Rest
13:11 Side Plank Pulse Right
13:41 Rest
13:59 Single Leg Bridge Left
14:46 Rest
15:04 Single Leg Bridge Right
15:50 Rest
16:09 Swing Backs
16:42 Rest
17:00 Toe Tap Leg Lifts
17:20 Rest
17:38 Swimmers
18:02 Rest
18:20 Thigh Lifts Left
18:54 Rest
19:12 Thigh Lifts Right
19:46 Rest
20:04 Tricep Dip Kicks
20:39 Rest
20:57 Bicycle Crunches
21:21 Rest
21:47 V Up

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