If you want a quick yet effective home workout you can do to get perfect abs, then this workout is for you!

Today we have compiled the best exercise moves to help you work your abdominal muscles and burn fat to see results in 3 weeks. It’s super convenient, too, since you can do this at home and there’s no need for you to use any equipment. Just your phone and your body weight are enough!

Do the workout now and remember to do it everyday for 3 weeks for the best results! Good luck and let’s begin! ❤️💪

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00:00 Introduction
00:22 Body Rotations
00:51 Body Extensions
01:16 Rest
01:34 Burpee Side Taps
02:53 Rest
03:11 High Knee Jacks
03:40 Rest
03:58 Knee Drive
04:24 Rest
04:42 Leg Kicks
05:12 Rest
05:30 Oblique Crunches
06:05 Rest
06:31 Floor Taps
07:06 Rest
07:24 Forward Jump
08:18 Rest
08:36 Jumping Jacks
09:03 Rest
09:29 Woodchoppers Left
10:11 Rest
10:29 U Boat Crunch
11:03 Rest
11:21 T Plank
12:37 Rest
13:03 Body Rotations
13:43 Rest
14:01 Body Extensions
14:33 Rest
14:51 Burpee Side Taps
16:11 Rest
16:29 High Knee Jacks
16:57 Rest
17:15 Knee Drive
17:40 Rest
17:58 Leg Kicks
18:25 Rest
18:43 Oblique Crunches
19:15 Rest
19:41 Floor Taps
20:13 Rest
20:31 Forward Jump
21:20 Rest
21:38 Jumping Jacks
22:04 Rest
22:30 Woodchoppers Left
23:00 Rest
23:18 U Boat Crunch
23:43 Rest
24:01 T Plank

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