Loaded ISO Switches For Speed Training


Been using a lot more isometrics after learning some insights from @alex.natera

He explained that it’s hard to develop speed in the gym because it’s difficult to replicate forces with weights that are seen in sprinting that reaches 4-5 times body weight and ground contact times of 0.08s.

This is how he came across this advanced isometric training that comes close to mentioned sprinting demands. ⁣

In this video I am performing iso switches that is an advanced version of isometric training.

Alex has 4 types of isometric training that goes from least to most advanced:

✅ Iso-pushes
✅ Iso-holds
✅ Iso-switches
✅ Iso-catches. ⁣

Some of the benefits of isometric training:⁣

✔️ Limited soreness after the session ⁣
✔️ Limited hypertrophy, hence good if ⁣
certain weight must be maintained ⁣

👆🏼we also use these in our regular strength sessions and start with them while contrasting with something fast and explosive

✔️ Angle specificity ⁣
✔️ Tendon stiffness ⁣
✔️ Improved RFD⁣
✔️ Power⁣
✔️ Contact times ⁣
✔️ Time trials etc.⁣

📃 Summary, if your goal is to be fast then you got to run fast!

There is no substitution for sprinting. However if you want to supplement your work with the exercises in the gym then isometrics could help you!

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