These are 21 of the best belly fat exercises combined in one video that help target loss of core fat!

Some of the routines here would really put a pressure on your belly and are quite intensive but if you want to achieve a slimmer and sexier waist, minus that pooch on your lower belly, then you must follow along this video and commit to it!

Do this workout everyday so your body will start losing fat and in turn you will start seeing your tummy getting slimmer and leaner!

Good luck and let’s begin the workout!❤️💪

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00:00 Introduction
00:13 Body Extensions
00:39 Butt Kicks
01:01 Rest
01:19 Curtsy Lunge
02:05 Rest
02:23 Cross Jump Jack
02:50 Rest
03:08 Floor Taps
03:44 Rest
04:02 High Knee Jacks
04:30 Rest
04:48 Forward Jump
05:42 Rest
06:00 High Knee Chops Left
06:33 Rest
06:51 High Knee Chops Right
07:24 Rest
07:42 Jumping Jacks
08:09 Rest
08:27 Knee Drive
08:53 Rest
09:11 Leg Kicks
09:41 Rest
09:59 Lateral Steps
10:33 Rest
10:51 Push Jumps
11:21 Rest
11:40 Rise And Plie
12:38 Rest
12:56 Running In Place
13:19 Rest
13:37 Side Leg Raise Right
14:25 Rest
14:43 Side Leg Raise Left
15:31 Rest
15:49 Ski Jacks
16:21 Rest
16:39 Squat
17:53 Rest
18:11 Squat And Kick
18:59 Rest
19:17 Standing Side Crunch Left
19:58 Rest
20:16 Standing Side Crunch Right
20:57 Rest
21:15 Squat In Out

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