Why You Should Keep Posting Content


“The Next One Could Be The One…”

That mindset is important with everything. Whether content, coaching session, relationship building, etc.

Make the best work you can, put it out there, learn from it, make it better, and repeat. For however long it takes.

You never know what’s going to change your life, so keep showing up, doing your best work, and getting better.

Because the next one could be it.

I’ve been doing that the last 17 years, and after some things did blow up a bit, I kept that mindset.

@tony_jeffries drops 💎 about how to succeed with your content and online business, which is really a principle for life in general.

If you haven’t listened to the full Vigor Life Podcast 🎙️ episode then go to iTunes or Spotify and listen to the whole show 🔥

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