Who Cares What People Think – Tony Jeffries


“If people are talking behind your back and not supporting you, get those people out of your life!”

On the Vigor Life Podcast @tony_jeffries shares a story and a lesson of why most people don’t share more on social media, or do the thing they truly want to do.

It comes down to the fear of judgement, being made fun of, or persecution, ultimately by people that don’t matter and are projecting their own fears and lack of courage on to you.

The important thing to realize is that those people should be eliminated out of your circle because if they’re not supporting your and cheering you on, they’re not on your team and shouldn’t get your energy!

Don’t allow others people’s own insecurities to stop you from pushing and chasing your dreams.

To listen to the full 🔥 episode with Tony and @glennholmesla go to the Vigor Life Podcast 🎙️ on iTunes or Spotify.

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