If you have knee problems and you’re looking to do an intensive workout to do at home, here’s a highly recommended workout you can try!

This fat burn workout will work your entire body and will burn body fat in ways that don’t require you to jump, squat, or do lunges.

Do this workout as often as you can to make it easier and faster to see results. Enjoy this workout with a healthy diet for more efficient weight loss results. Good luck and let’s get started!❤️💪

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00:00 Introduction
00:14 Single Leg Bridge Left
01:07 Rest
01:25 Single Leg Bridge Right
02:18 Rest
02:36 Toe Tap Leg Lifts
02:57 Rest
03:15 Tricep Dip Kicks
03:55 Rest
04:13 Tricep Dips
04:57 Rest
05:15 Side Push Ups Left
05:56 Rest
06:14 Side Push Ups Right
06:54 Rest
07:12 Side Plank Pulse Left
07:46 Rest
08:04 Side Plank Pulse Right
08:38 Rest
08:56 Push Ups
09:34 Rest
09:52 Plank Slaps
10:18 Rest
10:36 Swing Backs
11:14 Rest
11:32 Swimmers
11:58 Rest
12:16 Super Mans
12:54 Rest
13:12 V Up
13:52 Rest
14:11 Woodchoppers Left
14:49 Rest
15:07 Woodchoppers Right
15:45 Rest
16:03 Side Tap Crunch
16:51 Rest
17:09 Baby Pose

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