This Is The Most Underrated Factor In Exercise Programming | Mind Pump 1971

00:00 Intro
00:50 Mind Pump Fit Tip: One of the most underrated factors when it comes to workout programming is rest periods!
09:05 Silly movie titles.
13:00 It works until it doesn’t work.
15:45 What the guys watch vs. their wives.
20:21 Elon Musk, love him or hate him.
25:15 The social media cesspool.
33:10 “Real” vegans.
34:50 Health is NOT about being rigid with everything.
40:20 Justin is ALWAYS the life of the party.
44:53 Mind Pump’s predictions for Chat GPT.
51:22 The importance and value of having a high-protein breakfast.

53:27 ListenerLive question #1 – Is there any value in getting a deep tissue massage, or some other form of therapeutic massage before jumping into my next MAPS program?
1:00:52 ListenerLive question #2 – I feel like I can be making faster progress in the gym. What programming and tips would you recommend?
1:11:46 ListenerLive question #3 – What are some ways to break through a squat plateau?
1:26:47 ListenerLive question #4 – When running, why do my legs give out faster than my cardiovascular system?

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