Small Group Full Body Strength Workout

This week was another new phase for small group strength group (the do 3 separate session a week).

I never get tired coaching and seeing people improve, whether little by little week in and week out, a lot over the months, and completely transform their mind and body over the course of a year.

It’s an honor to coach every single one of our clients!

Training Session C in this block is:

Block 1 – Strength/Power

▶️ BB Bench w/ Pause
▶️ Dynaball Wall Throw
▶️ KB Step Up

Block 2 – Muscle Building

▶️ Single Leg Hamstring Bridge
▶️ DB Goblet Squat w/ 3 sec Eccentric
▶️ 1 Arm DB Row

Block 3 – Conditioning

▶️ Weighted Prowler

This is also the Saturday morning AM crews that are dedicated and consistent AF ✊🏼

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