Roadblocks to Redemption: Will the Jailbirds Fly Free? | Beyond Maximum Security | Part 3/3

The jailbirds are getting used to a life outside maximum-security prison.

But lapses in judgement cause them to drop all the pieces they’ve painstakingly picked up.

Is this a rude awakening? Or are they back to square one?

Graceson takes up a new job that doesn’t befit his tough exterior. But just as life blooms in colour, a wakeup call drags him back to reality. Iskandar jeopardises all his hard work with a single misstep. He reflects in solitude as he awaits judgement. Booked and busy, Boon Keng pays his dues and hits new milestones. Khai returns into the arms of those who matter most, but will his worries dissipate?

In the series finale, the four men dust themselves off for the days ahead, and it’s uncertain what life holds.

0:00 Introduction
1:13 Boon Keng’s life in Work Release Centre
3:45 Khai reaches out to family
8:03 How’s Boon Keng’s progress at work?
10:27 Iskandar’s first computer use in prison school
14:14 Graceson starts new job from halfway house
19:51 Boon Keng’s release
23:51 Iskandar commits offence in prison school
29:30 Boon Keng’s life after prison
31:10 Graceson gets cuffed again
36:36 Iskandar’s charged for offence
37:33 Graceson’s last day in confinement
40:24 Iskandar’s outcome
41:20 Khai’s release
44:34 Boon Keng is free

*Editor’s Note: At 36:19, the correct name should be Mohamad Iskandar Bin Hameed Sultan.

About the show:
In this sequel to Inside Maximum Security, four familiar faces prepare themselves for life outside Changi Prison. Staying on track was easy in maximum security. The real test starts now.
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