Counting Down To A Life Beyond Bars | Beyond Maximum Security | Part 2/3

It’s a galore of bittersweet goodbyes as Boon Keng and Graceson transfer into the community. Like caged animals freshly let out into an enclosure, they savour their newfound freedoms. But as they build their new life, some wounds remain raw. Can they stave off the lure of the outside world, or do old habits die hard?

0:00 Introduction
01:30 Before Boon Keng’s release from prison
05:51 Boon Keng leaves prison for correctional unit
15:26 Graceson is released from prison
22:25 Graceson enters halfway house
26:46 Graceson reunites with family
28:37 Boon Keng’s first day in the community
31:48 Graceson’s first day at work at halfway house
38:45 Boon Keng makes an overdue visit
41:58 Graceson’s first home leave

About the show:
In this sequel to Inside Maximum Security, four familiar faces prepare themselves for life outside Changi Prison. Staying on track was easy in maximum security. The real test starts now.
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