Max Lugavere Gets Personal: The Story Behind the Man Who’s Fighting for The Health of Your Brain

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00:00 Intro
01:27 Max’s Rogan moment.
08:04 His experience on the Tucker Carlson Show.
14:24 The Liver King is a charlatan.
20:55 The real ones are rare.
24:20 His single biggest insecurity.
30:45 Growing up being a curious kid.
38:23 Working through being introverted.
44:10 Always striving to be better.
47:45 His popularity with the opposite sex.
50:10 Working for it rather than being given.
54:43 Relationships and dealing with trauma.
1:05:40 The joy of being an uncle.
1:07:08 Why music is important.
1:09:55 His relationship with money.
1:11:28 Sodium intake and migraines.
1:12:56 Seed oils affect your cognitive health.
1:23:17 His exit plan out of the public light.

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