Fix lower back pain with this Glute Stretch #shorts

Fitness Program to UNLOCK your GLUTES! 🍑 ⬇️

Suffering from Low Back Pain? ‼️

Tight glutes should be the first area addressed when dealing with low back pain and discomfort.

Sitting down all day has drastic affects on the humans body. Pressure points from sitting dampens glute activity leaving your pelvis/hips loose and prone to injury. If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it and this will eventually lead to weak pelvic muscles resulting in pain.

Start with this easy Glute stretch by from Coach Becky that will jump start the glute muscles necessary for stability and strength at hips/low back area.

You will feel immediate relief, and will alleviate that low back pain over time.

Fitness Program to UNLOCK your GLUTES! 🍑 ⬇️

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