Full Body Semi-Private Training Workout


This is day 2 of the strength training program for @mj_van @kimigirmus @_dbamba

Their program is more lower body dominant but still a full body program, which is based on their goals.

They also do one small group, and a couple of conditioning sessions a week, as it’s important to know there’s puzzle 🧩 pieces that go together in the full program.

I try to share real world training of different clients and programs we run to get some insight. As always, programs are customized for each individual but I still feel like seeing it can help.

The program…

➡️ Safety Squat Bar Reverse Lunge w/ 3 sec Pause
➡️ Single Leg Hop Decelerations

➡️ Double KB Squat w/ Bands (4 sec eccentric)
➡️ Upright 1 Arm Cable Row

➡️ KB Cossack Squat
➡️ DB Alt Incline Bench Press

➡️ KB Swings
➡️ Shuttle Sprint

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