Spice Up Your SEX LIFE with These Fitness Tips for GREAT SEX | Mind Pump 1968

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00:00 Intro
00:57 Mind Pump Fit Tip: Lift weights to increase your sex drive.
09:30 The importance of caffeine timing.
15:02 Making the mindset shift with it comes to diet/nutrition.
17:15 Busting the myths surrounding what high protein is.
24:58 The ultimate NCI x Mind Pump Giveaway to Coaching Con 2023!
26:00 The politicization of the Brittany Griner incident.
30:42 You should get paid what you EARN
34:09 Shout out to The Rabbit Hole.
36:41 Is everything fake?
39:47 Weird News with Sal: De Beers miners and a surgeon who left his mark on his patients.
42:06 Is taking birth control halting your gains?
46:41 Would you like to know if you were prone to genetic predispositions to diseases or cancers?
56:02 How LMNT contributes to greater milk production.
58:50 Combat juggling is a thing!

01:01:21 Quah question #1 – How would your training change if you slept like absolute crap the night before?
01:08:00 Quah question #2 – If a muscle is tight, is it better to continue to train it with weight or focus on mobility exercises?
01:13:15 Quah question #3 – Does dairy need to be avoided if it isn’t grass-fed?
01:17:47 Quah question #4 – I really enjoy learning and teaching about health, strength, fitness, and nutrition. I already make good money, though, so how would someone step into that space without going broke while waiting to make enough to support themselves and their family?

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