Best Functional Trainers After Testing and Reviewing All of Them!

The long-awaited functional trainer round-up is here, brought to you by Future! Get your first 2 weeks FREE!
🔥 Titan Wall Mounted Pulley Tower v3:
🔥 Tonal:
🔥 REP FT-5000:
🔥 Force USA G20:
🔥 Force USA X20:
🔥 Inspire Fitness FT2:
🔥 Life Fitness Signature Series Dual Adjustable Pulley:
🔥 Freemotion Dual Cable Cross:
🔥 Rogue FT-1:
🔥 Prime Fitness Functional Trainer:
🔥 REP FT-3000:
🔥 Titan Fitness Functional Trainer:
🔥 Torque Fitness F9 Fold-Away Functional Trainer:
🔥 Prime Fitness Prodigy Selectorized Single Stack:
🔥 Get RX’d Functional Trainer Single Column Weight Stack 2000:
🔥 Bells of Steel Cable Tower with Weight Stack:
🔥 Bells of Steel Plate Loaded Cable Tower:
🔥 REP Ares:
🔥 REP Athena:
🔥 Vitruvian Trainer+:

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0:00 – Best Functional Trainers After Testing and Reviewing All of Them!
0:24 – Overview
2:02 – Commercial-Quality Dual Stack Options
5:37 – Mid-Tier Functional Trainers
7:13 – Budget Functional Trainers
7:45 – Ultra-Budget Functional Trainers
9:24 – Single Stack Functional Trainers
10:59 – Coop Demands MOAR
11:26 – A Viable Alternative: Combo Units
12:38 – “Smart” Functional Trainers
13:21 – Final Thoughts

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➡ Best Benches:
➡ Best Bumper Plates:
➡ Best Barbell Collars:
➡ Best Weight Belts:

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