Why Sugar & Diet Drinks Aren’t As Bad As You Think

Diet Drinks have gotten so much bad press over the years, but they’re suitable swaps in calorie controlled diets. I don’t think in reasonable quantities they’re as bad as people make out.

Sugar is also demonised to be such a bad thing to have in your diet, when in reality it points the finger in the wrong places. There are MANY REASONS to not consume sugar, but it being UNHEALTHY is an inaccurate description. It’s just nutrient void, empty calories.

WHY SUGAR DIDN’T CAUSE THE OBESITY EPIDEMIC by @biolayne1 https://biolayne.com/articles/nutrition/why-sugar-did-not-cause-the-obesity-epidemic/

IS ASPARTAME SAFE? https://mennohenselmans.com/is-aspartame-safe/

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