Exercises to help you Poop – Get those bowels moving!

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Exercises to help you Poop! 💩🚽

‼️Drink Water‼️
‼️Eat Fiber‼️

Coach Becky is going to teach you some simple easy exercises to get your body and most importantly you bowels moving.

Movement is medicine, especially when it comes to POOPING! Our sedentary lifestyle curls/compacts our lower quadrant, specifically the intestines for the majority of the day. This is terrible for bowel movement because nothing is able to flow through the body freely and efficiently.
Digestion inevitably will get stuck, or slow down, leading to constipation 🥵.

Movement will jumpstart the digestive system, loosen up that lower quadrant and open up the hips preparing the body for DUTY! Save this video for the next time you have this issue.

Paleo Diet Cook Book

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