Training Pregnant Clients As A Personal Trainer

What’s up guys Jeff from Sorta Healthy here! In today’s video, I’ll be breaking down how to train pregnant clients as a personal trainer. Many trainers don’t plan on training pregnant clients, I know I didn’t. When one of my best clients became pregnant however, I decided that this was an area where I needed to improve my skills.

I’ve gone through many different certification programs, some of which focus on pre- and post-natal specifically, and I have come up with a quick guide of do’s and don’ts concerning training pregnant clients.

Even though I don’t recommend that this video be your only source of information for training pregnant clients, it should get you started in the right direction!

If you guys have any questions about training pregnant clients, or anything else training related, please leave those in the comments! We will respond to you!

Thanks for the continued support everyone! We really appreciate it!

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