Why Is Thailand The World’s Dumping Ground For Plastic And Waste? | Insight | Full Episode

Thailand receives over half a million tonnes of imported waste each year, even as its own waterways are clogged with garbage.

The foreign waste is meant to feed Thailand’s plastic recycling industry, but loopholes, false declarations and incorrect handling mean that some of this waste gets illegally dumped instead.

Meanwhile, Thailand itself generates enough plastic waste to keep the recycling plants going, but contamination and improper disposal mean that the material does not make it to the recyclers.

On top of this, the pandemic has added to Thailand’s trash troubles, in the form of disposable food containers and medical waste.

The government has unveiled a roadmap to rid itself of plastic waste by 2030, including a complete ban on imported plastics by 2025. So, how did Thailand become the world’s dumping ground and what can be done?

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