Breathe better with this Seated Stretch #shorts

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Coach Zach has a simple breathing exercise to help open up the chest and lungs to breathe better!

You start in a seated position on the medicine ball, and you work your way from side to side, slow and controlled. This is going to open/stretch your upper airway muscles in effort to stretch and elongate those muscles that might be restricting you while you’re breathing.

Breathing can be used to improve everything from physical performance to reducing anxiety. This better supplies our brain and lungs with with what they need to not only survive but THRIVE. Helping to reduce blood pressure and act as a natural calming technique or de-stressing practice.

The POWER of breathing is endless. It can Decreases stress, Relieve Pain, Improve Immune System, Increase Energy, Improve Digestion and also Increase your Mental Calmness.

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