STOP those curls and do Chin Ups like this for Bigger Biceps

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If you want BIGGER ARMS 💪 put down the Curls, and start doing Chin-ups

Everyone jumps right into Curls when they are trying to develop larger biceps. This might be the more popular exercise, and easier, but it’s not the most effective!

The Chin-up is a compound movement that loads the biceps through it’s full range of motion, and also recruits all accessory muscles surrounding it. This traditional movement should be number 1 on you’re list of exercises if the goal it to build bigger biceps.

Listen to Coach Zach here, because the proof is right in front of your eyes. Just look at gymnasts, MASSIVE arms, and they aren’t doing curls. They are doing Bodyweight supported acrobatics. Pull-Ups, Chin-Ups Rings, Balance Bars. Start your next arm day off with some Chin-Ups and let us know in the comments how your biceps were feeling after.

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