How YOU should Handle Imposter Syndrome And Self Doubt As A Personal Trainer

What’s up guys Jeff from Sorta Healthy here! In todays video we’ll be talking about self doubt and imposter syndrome as a personal trainer. Most likely, you’ll be dealing with both of those two things at various stages of your career.

In this video I use the Dunning-Kruger effect to show your specific journey as a personal trainer and I do my best to explain how you will likely be feeling at every step along the way. Of course, my main goal here isn’t to just talk about your feelings, even though that can be helpful too!

My main goal is to give you some strategies for dealing with imposter syndrome and self doubt that will help you each and every day.

I have dealt with imposter syndrome and self doubt and all of what I describe in this video has worked for myself, personally. I’m sure you’ll find them useful too!

Thanks for your continued support everyone! I really appreciate it!

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