Today’s daily morning workout routine focuses on burning your belly fat and giving you that amazing morning energy boost!

In the past we’ve uploaded full body workout videos to burn fat but today we’re changing that a bit to focus on your core.

I guarantee loads of fun and fats burned with today’s workout video so good luck and let’s get started!❤️💪

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00:00 Introduction
00:11 Cross Jump Jack
00:38 Rest
00:57 High Knee Chops Right
01:29 Rest
01:47 High Knee Chops Left
02:20 Rest
02:38 Jumping Jacks
03:05 Rest
03:23 Knee Drive
03:49 Rest
04:07 Lateral Taps
04:35 Rest
04:53 Lateral Step Reach
05:43 Rest
06:01 Oblique Crunches
06:36 Rest
06:54 Oblique Twist Squat
07:47 Rest
08:05 Side Deep Squats
08:54 Rest
09:20 Plank Reaches
09:57 Rest
10:15 Russian Twist
10:41 Rest
10:59 Side Crunches Left
11:42 Rest
12:00 Side Crunches Right
12:42 Rest
13:00 Side Plank Pulse Left
13:37 Rest
13:55 Side Plank Pulse Right
14:33 Rest
14:51 Snow Angels
15:33 Rest
15:51 Super Mans
16:33 Rest
16:51 Back Stretch
18:06 Rest
18:24 Baby Pose

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