At Home Waist Tightening exercises for Women over 40

5 Minute Glute Workout!🍑

Coach Becky has that 5 Minutes Waist Tightening routine AT HOME for Women over 40.

At Home 🏠 workouts are great for the average house wife who has a difficult time getting into the gym or out of the house. Having responsibilities shouldn’t mean your fitness goals need to suffer!

Your health and wellness should come first, and you need to make it a priority to sneak at least 5 minutes of self care/exercise into your daily routine. That’s all it takes to build that physique you want for the summer.

Looking for additional quick 5 minutes workout routines to BLAST your body back into shape? Check out our 5 Minutes Glute Program! ⬇️

5 Minute Glute Workout!🍑

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