PT Tips: Personal Training Clients Only 1 X Per Week | Should You Do It?

Should you ever personal train a client only 1 X per week?

If you’re an independent personal trainer, you will come across the scenario at some point in your career.

In this video I give 3 specific situations for which I would train a cleint only 1x/week, but there’s a catch.

As an independent personal trainer since 2012, I’ve had my fair share of 1x/week clients. Watch the video to see how you should structure your personal training programs to accomodate a client who trains with you only once per week.

00:00 – Intro
00:35 – Should You Train Clients 1x/Week?
01:24 – Clients Already Training
02:54 – Clients With Limited Budget or Schedule
04:21 – How to Present 1x/Week Programs
05:15 – Special Case Clients
06:25 – How to Price 1x/Week Personal Training Programs
06:48 – Summary

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