Ben Felton – 2x6k Marathon Specific Workout

Ben Felton is a sub-elite runner based in Chelmsford, UK. He has PB’s of 1:07 in the Half Marathon & 2:27 over the Marathon. He also has amassed over 35 thousand subscribers on YouTube under the moniker ‘Ben Is Running’. Ben posts all about his training and the latest updates and gear in the running world.Ben is targeting to run Valencia Marathon on December 4th. His goal? 2:20.

The workout:
2x6k at 2:20 Marathon Pace (3:20/km)
1k float imbetween reps (3:50/km)
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00:00 – Intro
00:33 – Pre workout Chat
07:04 – Warm Up,
12:18 – The Workout (2x6km)
19:04 – Post workout Chat

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