Unique Full Body Small Group Personal Training Workout


Our clients develop strength and power in all movement patterns and we build up the weak links.

Love seeing the whole crew getting better every week, every month, and the crazy progress over the course of a year 😳

Training Session…

Block 1️⃣ – Strength/Power (14 mins)

➡️ Offset KB/Rack Bulgarian Split Squat
➡️ “Twitchy” Lateral Jumps
➡️ 1 Arm DB Rows

Block 2️⃣ – Muscle Building (12 mins)

➡️ KB Lateral Lunge with Glide
➡️ Squeeze Push Ups (3 seconds down, 3 seconds up)
➡️ Ab Rollouts w/ Pause

Block 3️⃣ – Conditioning (20 seconds on/40 seconds off)

➡️ Lateral Slides

60 minutes from start to finish with 10 minutes of warm ups to start.

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