This Is The Single Easiest Most Effective DIET HACK to Lose Weight | Mind Pump 1956

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00:00 Intro
00:52 Mind Pump Fit Tip: Here’s the EASIEST, most SIMPLE, and EFFECTIVE diet hack for most
people…AVOID heavily processed food.
11:01 Dads and thermostats.
13:00 The BIGGEST loss of wealth in one day!
17:50 Adam is Rain Man.
22:50 Are the Terminator and Matrix connected?
28:23 Fun Stats with Sal: Why you should laugh often, a horrifying UK study, and testicle size and attractiveness.
37:11 The value of taking multivitamins.
40:55 Shout out to Braydon Barrett (@looklikeyoulift).

44:22 ListenerLive question #1 – How can I lose body fat after a failed bulk?
57:13 ListenerLive question #2 – How dialed in does someone have to be to put muscle on at age 50?
1:10:17 ListenerLive question #3 – What are your thoughts on combining calisthenics and heavy strength training?
1:18:11 ListenerLive question #4 – How much should I look to drop weight in the gym when I’m training for a marathon/Ironman triathlon?

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Andrew Huberman, Ph.D. (@hubermanlab) Instagram
Layne Norton, Ph.D. (@biolayne) Instagram
D R M O L L Y ( Instagram
Braydon Barrett (@looklikeyoulift) TikTok/Instagram
Dr. Stephen Cabral (@stephencabral) Instagram
Cory Schlesinger (@schlesstrength) Instagram





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