How to EAT if you’re a Hard Gainer (skinny guy muscle building insights)

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Protein is King πŸ‘‘

Coach Zach has some Tips for individuals who are considered Hard Gainers. We see people like this all the time who say they have difficulty putting on any muscle mass. Some people are genetically/physically disadvantaged when trying to gain muscle and we want to help.

Protein is King, and this is good advice for anyone trying to put on muscle, not just Hard Gainers. Prioritizing protein has benefits for all different fitness levels and goals. It also makes your fuller for a longer period of time. This is key to gaining size, fueling your body with a surplus of high quality proteins. Meats πŸ₯©, Steaks, Eggs, Chicken, Fish. These are the things you should be consuming daily.

Carbohydrates are important as well to fuel your workouts, particularly clean Carbs. These are especially important for our Hard Gainers who are looking for straight size. They are more easily digestible and will fuel your body with energy needed for the gym/exercise. Oats, White Rice and Sweet Potatoes are great exampled of clean carbs!

FREE Protein Book & Cup:

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