Why you DON’T need Steroids to Get Big Muscles

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You don’t NEED steroids to get BIG.

In your fitness journey you have two options, Natural or Enhanced.

Steroids and other enhancement drugs have been used for a long time as a quick way to build muscle mass. Recently Tik-Tok and Instagram culture have made a push to normalized the use of these drugs as means to get big quicker, and see better results.

These “influencers” aren’t trying to help you by recommending these untraditional avenues. They are just trying to get more people to experiment with enhancement drugs so that they feel better about their decisions. Don’t jump on to this bandwagon, you DON’T NEED IT.

There are alternative methods to getting the size and physique you want, it starts with a routine, and a ritual of making all the right decisions. This takes discipline and hard work.

Sleeping 8 hours a night, eating the right foods, increasing protein intake, avoiding drugs and alcohol, doing the right exercise splits and training with volume, taking the right vitamins. These are some of the basic ways to give you the results you want the RIGHT way.

Put in the extra effort and do things the natural way. Your body will thank you later, and the results you achieve will make you a more confident and proud in yourself and what you can accomplish.

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