China’s Bai Lan Vs Pro-996 Youth – Why Should I Work Hard?

In China, the ‘bailan’ movement – similar to quiet quitting – is about giving up on trying to get anywhere, and the motto of ‘let it rot’. It runs counter to the 996 work culture that’s a reference to the practise of working from 9am to 9pm, six days a week.

Zhang Yingqiu, 32, is an insurance agent who, though she stops short of working 996, agrees with its ethos of hard work being fulfilling. Wang Shuai, 26, is an escape room actor who does just enough at work to get by and believes in “lying flat”.

#InsightCNA brings these two together to see if they can learn more about the opposing point of view, and discuss these statements:

00:00 “The bailan mindset isn’t as healthy as 996.”
03:37 “My bosses and colleagues approve of my mindset”
06:05 “There’s no point in working hard because there’s no incentive”
08:08 “It’s difficult to achieve my dreams in China because it’s too competitive.”
09:54 “I’m satisfied with my mindset and lifestyle.”

Watch the full episode of China’s Slacker Youths: Why They Went From ‘Lying Flat’ To ‘Let It Rot:

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