Lower Body Workout – 4 moves with Coach Ashley #shorts

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Coach Ashley has 4 Functional Leg Blasting Moves for a Lower Body workout to build those dream Legs!

All of these exercises use dumbbells, adjust the weight according to fitness level. Start with light weight, and as you progress don’t be afraid to push yourself and go heavier. Lifting heavier weight is going to build MORE muscle mass.

⭐️ Goblet Sumo Squat
⭐️ Lateral Lunge
⭐️ Sumo Deadlift
⭐️ Box Step Ups

Together, these 4 movements will hit ALL of the muscles of the Legs and also important Core Muscles. That includes the Quads, Hamstrings, Glutes, Adductors, Abductors, and also the Anterior and Posterior Core Stabilizer Muscles.

If done properly with intensity this 4 Exercise Circuit will give you the results you want. We can only give you the tools, it’s up to YOU to make it happen! ✊

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