Physical Therapist Debunks 7 Most Common Exercise & Rehab Myths

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In this video, I debunk the 7 most common exercise & rehab myths!

Intro (0:00)
Myth #1: Imaging Shows The Cause Of Pain (0:14)
Myth #2: You Should Never Exercise With Pain (1:54)
Myth #3: No Pain, No Gain (3:33)
Myth #4: There’s A Perfect Posture (4:57)
Myth #5: There Are Proper Ways To Move (8:24)
Myth #6: You Can Become Bulletproof (11:08)
Myth #7: There Are Universally Bad Exercises (11:43)
Summary (15:10)

Disclaimer: The information presented is not intended as medical advice or to be a substitute for medical counseling but intended for entertainment purposes only. If you are experiencing pain, please seek the appropriate healthcare professional.

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