Trouble with Belly Fat after 40, listen to this!

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Belly Fat can be THE most frustrating area for most older adults. It can be extremely difficult to lose that weight in the mid section even with a cardio based routine.

Unfortunately, research has shown that it’s nearly impossible to target specific fat deposits within the body. That doesn’t mean there aren’t methods for addressing specific areas to aid in this process.

Coach Becky has some tips and exercises that are going to TONE and BUILD those deep abdominal core muscles. These movements are going to target the belly region from underneath the fat and will build stronger, tighter muscles that will give you the aesthetic look you’re trying to achieve.

Body image is all an illusion. Another way to address the problem area is by building up the surrounding muscles to visually take the attention away from the belly. Women especially can do that by building solid GLUTES ๐Ÿ‘.

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