To burn stomach fat is not easy but there are exercises that you can do to help ease the trouble for you.

Most belly fat workouts involve cardio and resistance training routines simply because these help burn more body fat and engage muscles around your core area–muscles that help effectively tone your stomach while going through the workout process.

In today’s workout video, all of the routines to effectively give you results without the use any gym equipment are here to help you achieve your desired results! The exercises in this video will make you burn stomach fat in the best amount of time possible. Do this workout everyday for the next 7 days and watch as you transform into your dream body!

Good luck and let’s begin!♥️💪


00:00 Introduction
00:13 Slow Star Jumps
00:42 Rest
01:00 Sumo Squat Dip
01:32 Rest
01:50 Sumo Hold
03:05 Rest
03:23 Running In Place
03:50 Rest
04:16 Lateral Taps
04:44 Rest
05:02 Lunge Jumps
05:28 Rest
05:46 Oblique Twist Squat
06:39 Rest
06:57 Oblique Crunches
07:32 Rest
07:58 Curtsy Lunge
08:43 Rest
09:01 High Knee Jacks
09:31 Rest
09:49 Jumping Jacks
10:15 Rest
10:33 Knee Drive
11:00 Rest
11:26 Leg Pulls
12:10 Rest
12:28 Reverse Crunch Extension
13:23 Rest
13:41 Reverse Crunches
14:23 Rest
14:41 Side Plank Pulse Left
15:19 Rest
15:37 Side Plank Pulse Right
16:14 Rest
16:32 Leg Pulls
17:16 Rest
17:34 Reverse Crunch Extension
18:29 Rest
18:47 Reverse Crunches
19:29 Rest
19:48 Side Plank Pulse Left
20:25 Rest
20:43 Side Plank Pulse Right

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