Improve Your Fat Loss & Muscle Building Potential By Doing THIS | Mind Pump 1948

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00:00 Intro
00:45 Mind Pump Fit Tip: The winning mindset when it comes to fat loss, muscle building, and fitness, in general, can be summed up in the following…focus on what you can CONTROL and ACCEPT the things you can’t.
13:48 Storytelling is powerful!
24:25 The guys speculate on the future of gambling in sports.
31:56 Jake Paul is shifting the industry of boxing.
39:25 Manual transmissions save lives!
44:03 The benefits of red-light therapy for your skin and hair regrowth.
46:41 Boys and their trucks.
50:25 Yes, there is exotic shotgun ammo.
01:00:41 The one downside to wearing your Felix Gray’s.
01:03:35 Quah question 1 – Are overhead farmer walks worth incorporating into my workout?
01:09:13 Quah question 2 – What’s the value of smelling salts? Are they dangerous?
01:16:45 Quah question 3 – What is the best midnight snack if you absolutely can’t help yourself?
01:22:23 Quah question 4 – I’m doing Maps Anabolic now. Please explain why rest between sets is important. After doing boot camp style workouts where rest periods are somewhat active (walking in place, jumping, etc.) between circuits, I’m not sure what “rest” truly means… I sit and do nothing? Or move around a bit? What is the goal?

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