Women’s Semi-Private Personal Training Program


New phase is upon us and week 1 was 💥

These ladies are crushing 3 full body strength sessions, 2 of which are in a semi-private program like this one, where it’s more lower body focused based on their goals.

➡️ Sumo DL
➡️ Broad Jump (2-1-1-2)

➡️ DB Bulgarian Drop Sets
➡️ Single Arm DB Bench w/ Eccentric

➡️ Hamstring Roller
➡️ KB Goblet Squat w/ Wedge Pulses
➡️ 1-Arm DB Row w/ Eccentric
➡️ Band Pull Apart

These ladies have been training for years so the program is adjusted to their level of fitness and performance as well as goals.

@mj_van @kimigirmus @_dbamba always putting in work!

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