5 Human Behavior Principles and How Coaches Use Them To Affect Change


Great coaches do 3 things:

1️⃣ Help People Clarify What They Want
2️⃣ Help People Overcome Obstacles
3️⃣ Help People Commit to Consistent Action

It’s an intentional and systematic process of helping another person reach their full potential.

While being a great coach on the floor (creating programs, cueing, supporting, communicating well, guiding, etc.) is very important and foundational, many coaches don’t build the skill of understanding the 5 human behavior principles and using them to help their clients succeed.

1️⃣ We are meaning making machines.

Coaches help clients change their feeling, thought, or action cycle.

2️⃣ We change our behavior in response to our immediate environment.

Coaches help clients become aware of and understand the impact of their environment.

3️⃣ We only repeatedly do what we are rewarded for.

Coaches help clients change systems of rewards and punishments.

4️⃣ We are often hijacked by fear, and that’s normal.

Coaches help clients normalize their fears and work through them.

5️⃣ We are self-motivated to act when our needs for autonomy, competence, and relatedness are met.

Coaches help clients reflect on these needs when there is lack of motivation.

Just because you know your X’s and O’s when it comes to training and nutrition, doesn’t mean your helping clients overcome obstacles and success as you have to understand the behavior principles at the foundational level, and build the skills of helping clients get out of their own way.

There’s a lot more to coaching at the highest level.

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