The Best Training Programs Are Redundant

The Best Programs Are…


Yep, I said it. You have to have consistency and progressive overload to build the best body and performance.

Whether it’s lifting some more weight.

Getting some more reps with the same weight.

Improving your form.

If you’re skipping around workout to workout it’s gonna be tough to get the results that you want.

Is there room for some switch ups and novelty? For sure. I call the 75/25, where with some clients we’ll have 75% of the program stay the same for a block (3-6 weeks most of the time), while 25% of it can change more frequently.

You have to know your client (and/or know yourself) for when to have a little more wiggle room (which you certainly should have).

But the core of the training should stick to the principle of improving the effective lifts in your program (that fit your goals, training and injury history).

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