3 Coaching Tips To Feel Your Glutes and Not Low Back In A Deadlift


I shot this video because of the last couple of weeks having two clients deal with having low back tightness (and not feeling glutes) while doing a trap bar deadlift, even though their form was pretty on point.

Of course, there’s many other things to look into, whether they have good hip mobility, core stability, form (I’ve done long videos on deadlift form), BUT in the case of helping with this on the spot with coaching, theres 3 tips that helped my clients and may help you too:

➡️ 3-5 second isometric before starting first rep (to feel glutes)
➡️ Lifting slowly first 2 inches off the floor
➡️ Making sure you’re “pushing” and not “pulling” (leg press the 🌎 away from you).

Try this out with yourself or clients and let me know how it goes (also remember that if the client doesn’t have the appropriate range of motion, then lift the bar up to shorten the ROM so they can have a better position).

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