Why Did Singapore’s First Prison Island Experiment Fail? | Riot Island – Part 2/2 | Full Episode

In Singapore’s trial of the century, 59 men stand accused of rioting and murder at the open-air prison of Pulau Senang. After opening in 1960, this idyllic prison is lauded as a progressive beacon of hope for the rehabilitation of society’s most feared gangsters. Three years later, these detained secret society mobsters burn the prison to the ground and slaughter four servicemen. The death sentence now hangs over these accused men. But is all that it seems?

The slain Superintendent Daniel Dutton oversaw Pulau Senang and was hailed as a visionary, but questions grow around his tough rehabilitation methods. With rumours that Dutton was a sadistic taskmaster, does this penal paradise hold shocking secrets?

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Part 1: https://youtu.be/PQP3zRWCBvU

About the show: A near-deserted island is transformed into a prison without bars, holding Singapore’s most hardened gangsters. Three years later, a violent riot leaves the island in flames and prison guards murdered.
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