If you want to know how quickly your body can lose weight or if you really just want to burn as much fat as you can in the quickest amount of time, today’s workout is just excellent for you!

This workout is a full body workout that will not require you to use any equipment–just your body weight! That means that this workout is totally dependent on your body’s strength, stamina, and your capacity to burn fat, or your metabolism.

As you go along this exercise you will find that it’s actually pretty easy to do. The exercises can be a bit challenging because it requires you to move your entire body from your upper to your lower body but that’s just the way to go if you want to effectively lose overall body fat!

The best thing about this exercise is that it will not require you to exercise for a long period of time. Which means that you can finish the exercise without feeling extremely tired or pained so you’ll have enough energy to come back for more everyday!

Good luck and ] let’s begin the workout!❤️💪


00:00 Introduction
00:10 Lateral Taps
00:37 Rest
00:56 Lateral Step Reach
01:46 Rest
02:04 Reverse Lunges
02:46 Rest
03:04 Side Lunge Left
04:09 Rest
04:27 Side Lunge Right
05:31 Rest
05:49 Side Leg Raise Left
06:37 Rest
06:55 Side Leg Raise Right
07:43 Standing Side Crunch Left
08:25 Rest
08:43 Standing Side Crunch Right
09:24 Rest
09:42 Side Push Ups Left
10:27 Rest
10:45 Side Push Ups Right
11:29 Rest
11:55 Lateral Taps
12:23 Rest
12:41 Lateral Step Reach
13:31 Rest
13:49 Reverse Lunges
14:32 Rest
14:50 Side Lunge Left
15:54 Rest
16:12 Side Lunge Right
17:17 Rest
17:35 Side Leg Raise Left
18:23 Rest
18:41 Side Leg Raise Right
19:29 Standing Side Crunch Left
20:10 Rest
20:28 Standing Side Crunch Right
21:09 Rest
21:27 Side Push Ups Left
22:12 Rest
22:30 Side Push Ups Right

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