Are The Benefits Of Vitamin C Real Or Hype? | Talking Point | Full Episode

Ever felt under the weather and popped some Vitamin C? Can Vitamin C really prevent or even cure a common cold?

Vitamin C, a highly raved powerhouse ingredient, is found in our fruits, vegetables, supplements and has even made its way into skincare products! From giving an immunity boost to promising brighter and better skin, Vitamin C is not short of wondrous benefits. But, is it REALLY that powerful or could it just be hype?

Join Talking Point host Munah Bagharib as she delves into the world of Vitamin C, unravelling what this ingredient can do for us inside out. Having taken Vitamin C supplements for over 27 years, Munah finds out the shocking truth about how much Vitamin C she actually needs. Is more always better and could Vitamin C supplements be necessary for all?

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