2-Part Framework & 8 Questions For Better Client Accountability


Client Accountability – The 2 Part Framework & 8 Questions 🚀

I’ve seen there are 4 things that make clients successful in sustainable body transformations:

1️⃣ Fitness
2️⃣ Nutrition
3️⃣ Lifestyle (sleep, recovery, stress management, time management,…)
4️⃣ Accountability

As coaches what we’re doing is creating a game to win for our clients (you have to find out what their win is).

Accountability is the glute that ties intentions to results.

That brings us to…

3 Essential Accountability Questions I like to ask clients:

1️⃣ What actions are you ready to commit to?
2️⃣ By when are you going to do this?
3️⃣ How can I hold you accountable?

The second part of this is when there is inaction, we’re going to learn from it and adjust, and I do that with these 5 questions:

1️⃣ How do you feel about not getting it done?
2️⃣ What got in the way of doing that?
3️⃣ What is the cost of you not taking that action?
4️⃣ In hindsight, what might you have done differently?
5️⃣ What have you learned here and what can you apply next week?

Use this framework to get clear and set specific goals, and then learn from what went good and what didn’t so you can adjust and do better next week. Use this for yourself and for your clients.

Remember, accountability is the glue that Ries intentions to results!!!

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