Exercises that burn belly are highly requested in our channel as these parts are the ones that are the hardest to burn. A slim tummy can give you really amazing changes in your body!

This 15-day flat belly workout is an amazing weight loss workout that will give you an amazing body with continuous exercise. Done on the next 2 weeks with a healthy diet, expect fabulous results in no time!

Get into a better shape as you workout on a regular basis just remember to remain disciplined and show up everyday. Let’s do this!❀️πŸ’ͺ

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00:00 Introduction
00:14 Butt Kicks
00:46 Rest
01:04 Cross Jump Jack
01:31 Rest
01:49 Burpee Side Taps
03:08 Rest
03:34 Lateral Taps
04:06 Rest
04:24 Lateral Arm Circles
04:53 Rest
05:11 Lunge Jumps
05:37 Rest
05:55 Overhead Reach
06:30 Rest
06:48 Ventral Lunge
07:42 Rest
08:00 Step Back Jacks
08:38 Rest
09:04 Toe Touches
09:33 Rest
09:51 Tricep Dip Kicks
10:22 Rest
10:40 V Up
11:24 Rest
11:42 Woodchoppers Left
12:25 Rest
12:43 Woodchoppers Right
13:25 Rest
13:43 U Boat Crunch
14:17 Rest
14:35 Slow Mountain Climber
15:08 Rest
15:26 Snow Angels
16:08 Rest
16:26 Russian Twist
16:52 Rest
17:11 Butt Kicks
17:43 Rest
18:01 Cross Jump Jack
18:28 Rest
18:46 Lateral Taps
19:14 Rest
19:32 High Knee Chops Left
20:01 Rest
20:20 High Knee Chops Right
20:50 Rest
21:08 Lateral Steps

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