What’s The Best Social Media Content To Create For Fitness Coaches


I’ll still see people focusing on going viral rather than having this one purpose when they create content:

Add value/be useful to the person that’s watching or reading the content.

Educate, entertain, inspire.

Think about the person you’re creating for and solving a problem for that person, being useful. Thats the process to focus on, not going viral or believing if it doesn’t get “xyz” views. So what if it’s not 100,000 or 10,000 or even 1,000 views.

Do you know what 200 people in front of you look like? Or even 100? And what if it was “just” 10 people who see and hear you and it makes a difference?

I believe it’s selfish to think you should just get so many views or go viral. Create solutions for problems people have, be authentic with your unique personality, and keep “hitting singles” (daily quality content) vs. going for “home runs” (going viral).

When you…

✅ Educate
✅ Entertain
✅ Inspire

And do it in way that is positively affecting people, consistently; you’ll build a following, a brand, and good things will happen for your business.

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