JJ Lin’s Tips If You’re Struggling To Learn Mandarin (Or Sing In It) | Talking Point Extra

*Editor’s Note: 04:19 should be “You’re cleaner with a 洗澡 (bath), a 冲凉 (shower) you’re not as clean.

On an earlier episode of #TalkingPoint on mother tongue education in Singapore (https://youtu.be/k7k-YLOwJQ0), singer-songwriter Benjamin Kheng lamented about his struggle with trying to sing in Chinese. In this follow-up, presenter Steven Chia ropes in singer-songwriter JJ Lin (also, like Steven and Ben, an Anglo-Chinese School (ACS) alumni) to help out with some tips.

JJ speaks about his early years debuting in Taiwan when he struggled with Mandarin and had to almost “learn the whole language again” – and shares some tricks and tips.

00:00 Reacting to Ben’s Chinese songs
02:11 Tips for learning a new language
02:56 JJ’s struggles when he first moved to Taiwan
03:32 Taiwanese vs Singaporean Mandarin
04:22 Tips for moving to a country that’s not in your native language
05:01 How to master singing Chinese songs
05:44 JJ’s encouragement for students struggling with second language

Watch the full episode of Singapore’s Mother Tongue Struggle: How Bilingual Are We?: https://youtu.be/k7k-YLOwJQ0

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